Klein’s Ice Cream House

Visited 05/06/2012 Finally, I got to the Klein’s Ice Cream House in Boro Park. They offer dairy-based and non-dairy ice creams, plus sorbet (non-dairy) and soft serve (dairy); everything is kosher. The ice cream cartons are labeled certified by Vegan.org. I was really surprised they do have non-dairy cakes. Their dairy-based selection is bigger than their non-dairy options; I looked at some flavors and wished they were vegan. In the non-dairy case, I eyed the Kiwi Sorbet hard. This time up to bat, though, I went for the Cookies and Cream and the Butter Pecan. The Butter Pecan won out. … Continue reading Klein’s Ice Cream House

Start Your Week Over At Champs

“It was great to be Catholic and go to confession. You could start over every week,” said C in 1993’s A Bronx Tale. No matter your religious denomination, Champs Family Diner and Bakery is giving you the chance to start your week off right. Their monthly Drive-In Dine-In will be this Sunday, April 29th at 8:30pm, this month featuring Robert DeNiro’s directorial debut. In true Italian fashion, the all vegan $30 prix fixe dinner will include: Appetizer: String beans, mixed olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and chickpeas with fresh herbs Main course: Tagliatelle pasta with sweet Italian sausage and … Continue reading Start Your Week Over At Champs

No Dice for Vegan Cheesesteaks

Surprisingly, while I had many, many, many animal-based cheese steak sandwiches in my youth, growing up near the city most known for them, I haven’t really partaken in the veggie variety over these last 9+ years. Recently, I decided to see what was available, posing as Philly-style in NYC. I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak at FoodSwings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m not sure if whomever thought it up had ever even seen the traditional version of the sandwich. It should be renamed Brooklyn Cheesesteak or anything else cause this sandwich, with its chunks of mock meat, ain’t nothin’ I’d ever … Continue reading No Dice for Vegan Cheesesteaks

Cupid Struck Me In the Stomach

Some old adage goes, “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” True of women too, I suppose, considering how many want (or at least men are made to believe want) chocolate. Let me not even try to deny I have a sweet tooth…I have probably 100+ posts to counter me. After a weekend of noshing on baked goods of my own creation, plus goods from the vegan bake sale at MooShoes, I was having a tooth ache…literally. After hitting the gym, I doubt pizza is the best recovery food, but wow did I eat like an … Continue reading Cupid Struck Me In the Stomach

Champs Vegan Bakery Goes Old School

CHAMPS Visited 12/2/2011 Friday night I realized just how long it’s been, at least a couple of months, since I got to Champs Vegan Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You know it’s been a while when you stand dumbfounded at the glass door, a ‘whoa’ falling from your mouth; when you go to a bakery that’s now a diner. Still the same neon sign invites you, but you’re met by retro padded booths and a stretch forever counter dotted with cake stands of sweets, like crumbs leading the way to the main case. It’s actually quite inviting…much more so than the … Continue reading Champs Vegan Bakery Goes Old School

Bibimbap! Try Saying That Three Times Fast

Visited 12/2/2011 Last night I got to eat at Wild Ginger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I mean actually sit in. The three previous times I’ve popped by and enjoyed their food from plastic containers on the ride home. My last time picking up takeout, I overhead a young gentleman praising his food. So, like the intrusive oddy I am, I nudged my way into the conversation and asked. “Bibimbap. It’s really good.” An odd, new name I tried to take note of. Luckily I actually remembered the mental note I’d made to try it. (Lucky cause my brain resembles a board … Continue reading Bibimbap! Try Saying That Three Times Fast

B.A.D. Times In Brooklyn Or Manhattan

Late night trips to Williamsburg are a fun, and sometimes very necessary, detour after a long day. Depending on the time, B.A.D. (Burgers and Breakfast All Day) at 131 Grand Street is a little veg*n-friendly oasis in a sea of, well, not so much for me. Last Monday, B.A.D. opened it’s second location in Manhattan. Only a block over from Angels & Kings, the welcoming host of the monthly Vegan Drinks events, I got the chance to visit the new B.A.D. kid on the block this past Thursday night. The menu has been revised to expand the vegan options and … Continue reading B.A.D. Times In Brooklyn Or Manhattan

Don’t Ignore the MoFo. Eat Yo Pizza Vegan, Fool.

Happy Weekend! No, I’m not trying to make you jealous, but here’s some pizza inspiration courtesy of Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. Do pick the special…especially when it has macaroni on it. (Indecisive? Why, yes, I am.) Do take random pics of the unsuspecting…and quite possibly unwilling… Don’t clam up when your sis is practically being your P.R. rep. Fail. Continue reading Don’t Ignore the MoFo. Eat Yo Pizza Vegan, Fool.