Atlanta’s temp is cooling but the fun’s warming up

Yay! Georgia’s gettin’ a VegFest. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 10th, with be the first (and hopefully annual) Atlanta VegFest. With around 40 vendors, including Herbivore Clothing and Vegan Outreach, and more than a handful of great speakers, including Terry Hope Romero and Jenny Brown, the festival looks like a full day of fun. Doors open at 9:45 a.m. and the first 300 guests will receive goodie bags! If you or someone you know lives in the Atlanta area, get to bed early so you can wake up bright-eyed! Advertisements Continue reading Atlanta’s temp is cooling but the fun’s warming up

There’s a Vegan Treat waiting for me at the end

Today was the inaugural Runner’s World Half Marathon. The course weaved through the streets of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of the once booming Bethlehem Steel factory. Bethlehem is also the home of Vegan Treats, which (no lie) was one of the major draws for me. Back in the late winter, when I registered, I was running the treadmill at my local gym. I’d still not completed my first goal of running Central Park. The inaugural half marathon held by a prominent running magazine in a town home to my favorite bakery seemed like a pretty worthy goal. It also gave me … Continue reading There’s a Vegan Treat waiting for me at the end

Rock Philly

Today I ran the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia. It being my first half, I was a little nervous. However, as I got dressed and to the start line, I tried to keep in mind the advice Steve Jones gave the day before: ‘Don’t waste your energy on worry.’ I spent the whole time cranking Jason Aldean and thinking to myself: Smile (If you’ve ever read Born To Run, you’ll get this.) When others start walking, just keep running. When I registered, I estimated it would take me 2:45:00. My chip time was 2:24:15. I don’t know how … Continue reading Rock Philly

Giveaway: Pick Your Favorite PureFit

PureFit offers nutritional bars that are free of dairy, wheat, gluten, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, or trans fats. Available in five flavors, these bars are suitable for those with a range of food sensitivities or intolerance. Kathy Freston mentions Purefit in the Appendix of her latest book The Lean. I was given the chance to sample all five bars, then lucky enough to snatch up a deal on Vegan Cuts for a pair of boxes. I’ve taken my favorites with me on long bike rides and grabbed a nibble before or after a quick 5k. So I’m excited that PureFit … Continue reading Giveaway: Pick Your Favorite PureFit

30-Day Vegan Challenge Launching August 1, 2012

For fans of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, the wait is drawing to a close. The 30-Day Vegan Challenge launches in two weeks. I got the chance to meet Colleen at The Seed: A Vegan Experience, held in NYC last month. Colleen is an incredibly engaging speaker. I bought a copy of her Vegan’s Daily Companion and have since grown addicted to her podcast episodes. Whether you’re veg-curious, vegetarian, or already vegan Colleen is a wealth of knowledge in transitioning to healthy, plant-based eating and being confident in choosing compassion for animals. Early Bird Registration is only $20! Continue reading 30-Day Vegan Challenge Launching August 1, 2012

Redefining Sushi in NYC

Today I got the chance to check out Beyond Sushi. It just opened a few days ago, but I’ve been waiting for them to open a location since the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival in March. It’s a small but inviting place a little ways down from Union Square on 14th Street. I sprung for Combo 2, two rolls and two pieces, which is probably the best for your money. The food is filling but, if you can’t finish it all, it can be kept for a couple of days according to the restaurant’s website. My choices were the Green Machine … Continue reading Redefining Sushi in NYC

Foie gras ban moving forward in Cali

When I was younger, I wanted a perfume I saw in a teen magazine…it was shaped like gummi bears! Though I went to the biggest, most “up-scale” department store in my suburban town, I couldn’t find it. My mother, a former west coast gal, explained to me dreamily, ‘things start in Cali and spread from there.’ This was years ago…when it was AMAZING, rather than commonplace, to get a low byte pic to download in 10 mins (btw, I’m currently writing this from my phone on the subway). This morning, though, it seems no truer. CBS morning just ran a … Continue reading Foie gras ban moving forward in Cali

Gathering for Sacred Chow

The weather in NYC is gorgeous. Not too hot. So my father decided on a day trip. He loves hopping NJ transit and wandering around the city, particularly the museums. He’s criss-crossed the city in search of historical sites the way I seek out vegan food. His visits, without fail, include a veg meal. And this time, my sister joined us. We picked up forks in Sacred Chow on Sullivan Street, NYU territory. If you’re new to the place, the tapas are your best bet; smaller plates, but by no means small plates. My pops and sis split 3/$18. Continue reading Gathering for Sacred Chow