Chocolate That’ll Make The Heart Melt

Lovers of chocolate single and coupled, likely take advantage of Valentine’s Day as an excuse to indulge. Why go for the same old sampler? Variety is the spice of life. Fire up your taste buds with some sweet treats. There’s something for everyone! For the animal lover: Rescue Chocolate: 100% of the net profits go to benefit animal rescue organizations. Last day to order for Valentine’s Delivery: Today! (Feb 5th) For those in NYC, you can purchase at the Vegan Shop Up on Saturday, Feb 9th at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Pick: A gift box lets you … Continue reading Chocolate That’ll Make The Heart Melt

Smell the Scandal

A Scent of Scandal is a Los Angeles-based company powered by siblings Ari Solomon and Heather Brancaccio. A VegNews Magazine VegPick for Best New Vegan Product (Winter 2008), this duo and their line of candles are burning up. Their hand-poured candles are made of 100% soy wax. Ranging from spicy to fruity, there’s a scent for everyone. “100% vegan with an attitude,” each fragrance has a fittingly suggestive name, including Good In Bed, DILF, and D-Cups. The company is offering three unique varieties for Valentine’s: Me So Thorny (Rose), Sext Me (Blackberry), and Lick Me (blend of Cherry, Strawberry and … Continue reading Smell the Scandal

(S)EXPLORATION: Vegan Aphrodisiacs

Dun dun dun. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. If you’re feeling the pressure of the holiday, running around trying to find the perfect gift or outfit or to make the perfect plans to show someone you love them…STOP! Take a breath. Maybe even check out for more on the day some have come to love…and dread. Maybe even get yourself in the mood with a special little treat. The jury is still out on aphrodisiacs…but give them a try and see for yourself. Judging from Gourmet Sleuth, vegans and vegetarian have a green light…most are fruits and vegetables. Whip something special up…or … Continue reading (S)EXPLORATION: Vegan Aphrodisiacs

(S)EXPLORATION: Cruelty-free lingerie

If you’re out shopping for a Valentine’s gift…or the one dropping the hints…here’s a purrfect suggestion to set the mood: Purrfect Pineapples Cruelty Free Lingerie. While you can get vegetarian/vegan intimates from Victoria’s Secret, not all are free of leather, wool, silk, and furs. Purrfect Pineapples provides you a little peace of mind. By cruelty-free, however, owner Erika Shuhendler means not only animal product free, but sweatshop free as well. So no matter your eating habits, you may appreciate that. If you’re looking for a really unique gift for your love, or yourself, at any time of the year, check out these … Continue reading (S)EXPLORATION: Cruelty-free lingerie

(S)EXPLORATION: Vegan Condoms?

Proof gain that we take for granted the things we rely on: condoms. We know that every time we engage in sexual activity we should wrap it up. It was probably drilled into your brain in an embarrassing high school ritual known as Sex Ed. If not, that’s okay; you probably learned about everything, including the consequences, from some primetime teen drama. Anyone remember Dawson’s Creek? How about Secret Life of the American Teenager? The airwaves are inundated with suggestive images. However, how many people know how condoms are made? Apparently, condoms are widely manufactured with a milk derivative known as casein. Who’d … Continue reading (S)EXPLORATION: Vegan Condoms?