Vegan Inside-Out Irish Potato Cupcakes

At the beginning of March, my sister brought a box of Irish Potatoes into work for our coworkers. Surprising to us, while we’ve been popping this little, cinnamon rolled coconut balls since as far back as we can remember, none of our cowokers had ever heard of them! Poor New Yorkers. O’Ryan’s is the brand we’re most familiar with. They’re really popular around St Patty’s Day. If I knew where to get them after then, though, I could eat them year-round. They are not vegan because they do contain eggs; but they are vegetarian because they have to meat products, nor gelatin. … Continue reading Vegan Inside-Out Irish Potato Cupcakes

Veggie Variation: Kildare’s Irish Craic Nachos

At Kildare’s Irish Pub, instead of tortilla chips, they use house made potato chips for their nachos…Irish Craic Nachos, that is. The chips come topped with Melted Cheese, Guacamole, Salsa and Sour Cream. Sounds totally vegetarian. A few red flags go up for me…as they tend to especially at bars. What oil were the chips cooked in? Does the cheese have rennet? Does the guacamole have gelatin? Solution? Go out for the drinks! Come home for the food. This takes all of like 2 minutes to put together and heat. I used: Kettle Chips, Unsalted variety *Mexican Rice (Don’t have? Don’t worry. I just threw … Continue reading Veggie Variation: Kildare’s Irish Craic Nachos

Easy “Cheesy” Vegan Tomato Mac

Now, even though I am a vegetarian and I will eat milk, eggs, and honey, I’ve been choosing vegan alternatives to save the headache of figuring out what might be hidden in my food. If you want to use milk-based cheese, by all means; just keep the ingredient rennet in mind when selecting your cheese. Vegan cheese (Cheddar or Mozzarella) Tomatoes (canned or fresh) Pasta (I prefer Rotini for my mac and cheese; reminds me of Boston Market’s) Unsweetened Soy Milk (I chose EarthBalance) Salt (I use McCormick Sea Salt Grinder) The Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Cheese I picked up from Whole Foods to … Continue reading Easy “Cheesy” Vegan Tomato Mac

Vegan Mash and Mango Dressed Tomatoes

Creamy Potatoes and Sweetly Topped Tomatoes I made this plate for a quick and healthy lunch, to fill me up before heading back to work. I’d eat it anytime of the day, though. Potatoes: Submerge one or more peeled potatoes in a casserole dish. Microwave between 5-10 minutes. (I microwaved mine for 10 minutes to get them really soft.) Cut up. (Don’t try to make exact incisions. If you cooked them for a long enough period, they should fall apart…and that’s a good thing. Top with a small pat of melted vegan buttery spread, minced onions, ground sea salt, and vegan grated topping. … Continue reading Vegan Mash and Mango Dressed Tomatoes

Freeing Spaghetti Pasta From Its’ Ball and Chain

When I think of spaghetti, I tend to think of the dish of pasta covered in red sauce. However, spaghetti is the type of pasta. For years I had just limited it to one type of plate because the one always came with the other. But what if you have one without the other? Or you have boring leftovers you want spice up? In the past, when I’ve had left over white rice from ordering Chinese takeout, I’ve twisted open a jar of tomato sauce and poured it onto. I actually came to like it so much, I would make a few servings of rice for … Continue reading Freeing Spaghetti Pasta From Its’ Ball and Chain