Cupid Struck Me In the Stomach

Some old adage goes, “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” True of women too, I suppose, considering how many want (or at least men are made to believe want) chocolate. Let me not even try to deny I have a sweet tooth…I have probably 100+ posts to counter me. After a weekend of noshing on baked goods of my own creation, plus goods from the vegan bake sale at MooShoes, I was having a tooth ache…literally. After hitting the gym, I doubt pizza is the best recovery food, but wow did I eat like an … Continue reading Cupid Struck Me In the Stomach

Viva Herbal Pizza Is Off My List

This was desperate food and a waste of waiting. I’d passed over greasy (yummy) Chick’n Fingers at Vegan Drinks in an attempt to be responsible and was holding out for something healthier. As I headed home, I was getting desperate and remembered where I was. This was my second visit to Viva Herbal Pizzeria. The crust is different, interesting…that’s where it ends for me. When volleying names with others in a game of ‘My City’s Better Than Yours,’ I’m not even going to think of this place as an NYC pizza joint anymore. It’s a place to get Vegan Treats … Continue reading Viva Herbal Pizza Is Off My List

Goldilocks and the Three Tofurkys

Few can resist the allure of pizza. It’s a comfort food (carbs) great for social gatherings (easy for sharing…if you must). Living in NYC and Philly, I’m lucky enough to be able to simply hop a train to really good vegan pizza (Vinnie’s or Blackbird are my taste). (If you have a favorite joint serving the v stuff, shout out below! Sharing is caring.) For all you DIYers, with your fresh made (or store bought), hand tossed dough…well good for you. Sometimes you just want a two step: open box and shove in hot oven. For those in suburban areas, … Continue reading Goldilocks and the Three Tofurkys

I’m a chocolate monster. The end. Oh, wait! And Vegan Pizza in Boston.

So, I’m sitting here with a salad of romaine lettuce, avocado, banana peppers, and mango dressing. I know, right? I’m eating and searching the internet before I have to go back to work. What I’m looking for are vegan pizzerias in Boston. Going through some pictures on their FB pages, I see Eli’s Earth Bars by Sjaaks, which totally sound healthy but are realy glorified chocolate bars. Yeah, like I need to find anymore chocolates…but yes, I actually do. Come on, we all need a sweet fix now and then. And these are vegan. So…must, find, Sjaaks! Also, interestingly, I found … Continue reading I’m a chocolate monster. The end. Oh, wait! And Vegan Pizza in Boston.

Blackbird Pizzeria: My New Drunken Delight

While I’ve now visited Blackbird Pizzeria, an entirely vegan pizzeria, I’m not crossing it off of my wishlist…cause I want to go back many times in the future. An acquaintance told me about this place a few weeks ago. (Thank you Jonathan!) Since I was going to be in the city around lunchtime, I made stopping by my mission. (Yes, that means I google mapped it…cause I’m either really lame or really smart.) When I’d first walked by, I was a little hesitant as to what I’d be walking into. I made a little run to Essene, a few blocks … Continue reading Blackbird Pizzeria: My New Drunken Delight

Doctored Up Domino’s: Veggies Make the Best Medicine

If I order pizza out, which is rare, I mainly order from Domino’s Pizza because they’re the most forthcoming with their ingredients. To save any worrying, I order thin crust. 1) It has no whey so I don’t have to worry about animal rennet contact; 2) it has fewer calories. I also stopped even bothering with the cheese. According to someone at Whole Foods, enzymes are safe for vegetarians; they are not the same as rennet. Cutting the cheese, no pun intended, cuts the calories, and you can taste the sauce more too. On the topic of sauces, do not … Continue reading Doctored Up Domino’s: Veggies Make the Best Medicine

Who Needs Cheese? Make an Ellen Pizza.

When I took voice lessons in high school, my vocal instructor encouraged me to cut out the dairy. Milk products increase mucus production which gets in the way and makes you (by you, I mean me, but maybe you too) sound nasal. I wasn’t vegetarian until just after I was through with high school, so it was considered weird. Okay, it’s still considered weird. Anyway, I love it. When ordering pizza out, though, some places’ dough does contain dairy products, like Domino’s, 3 of their 4 types of crusts contain whey (a product I’m still on the fence about). And, if you’re … Continue reading Who Needs Cheese? Make an Ellen Pizza.