No Dice for Vegan Cheesesteaks

Surprisingly, while I had many, many, many animal-based cheese steak sandwiches in my youth, growing up near the city most known for them, I haven’t really partaken in the veggie variety over these last 9+ years. Recently, I decided to see what was available, posing as Philly-style in NYC. I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak at FoodSwings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m not sure if whomever thought it up had ever even seen the traditional version of the sandwich. It should be renamed Brooklyn Cheesesteak or anything else cause this sandwich, with its chunks of mock meat, ain’t nothin’ I’d ever … Continue reading No Dice for Vegan Cheesesteaks

Take Me Home…Back to Philly for a Day!

Have a (chocolate) heart. Back in May, I met up with my friend Rick in the city of Brotherly Love to hit up some of my choice spots. Our meeting place was Blackbird Pizzeria. If you go to Philadelphia, don’t take the easy way out. Walk! On my wandering from the train station, I passed by the Reading Terminal Market, home of 4 Basic Vegetarian; passed the Walnut Street Theater, volunteer and see the shows; did a little shopping; and came across some veg-friendly restaurants, including Mumbai Bistro. Blackbird Pizzeria is always a favorite, just for doin’ what they do. And I snapped … Continue reading Take Me Home…Back to Philly for a Day!

‘Do they even make vegan donuts?’ Oh yes they do!

For a coworker’s birthday, she was surprised with a room jammed full of coworkers and donuts from Dunkin’. I participated in the well wishing, but not the donuts. One of my coworkers asked me why I couldn’t have the Dunkin’ Donuts and I replied with whey…I’m sure among other things. Then he commented that it was disappointing that I couldn’t have donuts. Unless they made vegan donuts. Then it came: ‘Do they even make vegan donuts?’ Ha! Yes, they do. Donuts seem to be the new vegan challenge; one of the final veganize-this sweet frontiers. Exhibit A: VEGAN TREATS This … Continue reading ‘Do they even make vegan donuts?’ Oh yes they do!

Maoz Vegetarian

Coming out of a show at the Walnut Street Theater late, I was hungry. As I started heading to the train station, I just happened to look up and see their sign. It’s pretty much a fast food place for vegetarians, only falafel balls instead of meat patties. I loved that they have regular and sweet potato fries and, since they serve no meat, I don’t have to worry about the oil the fries are cooked in. When you order the sandwich or salad box, you customize it from the salad bar. Maoz Vegetarian lists their ingredients and nutritional information … Continue reading Maoz Vegetarian