Nat Geo Gets an Intervention

Premiering tonight on the National Geographic channel is Animal Intervention. The series kicks off tonight at 9pm following, “animal advocate crusader Alison Eastwood, animal expert Donald Schultz, and activist Billy McNamara.” Listening to a recent episode of Our Hen House has made me excited and curious about this show. On episode 140, Jasmin and Mariann interviewed Delcianna Winders, the Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement for the PETA Foundation. In the interview, they discuss how the law is being used to rescue wild animals from poor living conditions. Animal Intervention has the opportunity to raise awareness. While you’ll have to have premium channels to … Continue reading Nat Geo Gets an Intervention

Louie, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful…

Today is World Vegetarian Day! It’s the kickstart of Vegetarian Awareness Month. It’s also the beginning of the VeganMOFO…aka how I finally transitioned to veganism. It’s been a crazy year…that’s the understatement that ate Texas. I’m looking forward to October…and the beautiful new chapter that will begin when it ends. Stay tuned to find out more. Mission today: find the accidentally vegan in your cabinet! (Check out PETA for some assistance.) Continue reading Louie, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful…

Carrie Underwood’s Vegan Breakfast Blows Away Morning Show

On the eve of her new album’s release, Blown Away, Carrie Underwood will be on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC. After, Carrie will perform a set in a Live on Letterman show, streamed exclusively online courtesy of CBS. This morning, though, Carrie visited the Elvis Duran and the Morning show and the pleasure was all the hosts’. A long time vegetarian, voted PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2005, Carrie went vegan last year. The radio team raved about the quinoa pancakes provided by Cafe Metro and cupcakes from Sugar Rush. (Cupcakes … Continue reading Carrie Underwood’s Vegan Breakfast Blows Away Morning Show

One of These Things is Not Like the Other?

Horse drawn carriages can bring about a sense of nostalgia. Horses have been utilized for transportation for centuries. However, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable & Safe Streets (NYCLASS) and PETA want you to take a step into the future. In 2008, Duncan Riley wrote for The Inquisitr, “Thousands of years of human history, and now PETA wants to ban horse drawn carriages? WTF?…Just when you think you’ve seen PETA go to extremes, they out do themselves once again.” While horses were necessary to our ancestors lives, where cars are present, they have effectively made horses obsolete as a means of … Continue reading One of These Things is Not Like the Other?

Oreo’s Blowing Out 100 Candles

Generations have been enjoying them. Now the Oreo is turning 100 today. Nabisco developed the cookie in 1912 at its Chelsea factory (NYC). The Oreo cookie has no cholesterol; the presence of which is a given that a product contains animal ingredients. As a result, PETA has the Oreo on its list of “Accidentally Vegan” foods. Some might argue that PETA’s list, with its 99.9% caveat, is flawed and therefore the Oreo should not be celebrated. PETA and chefs offer up some recipes, in case you decide to celebrate the day: Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies Oreo Crumble Cupcakes Colleen … Continue reading Oreo’s Blowing Out 100 Candles

Chaining Myself To The Mercy For Animals Stage

The four speakers I am most looking forward to at this year’s NYC Vegetarian Food Festival are all appearing on the Mercy For Animals Stage on Saturday. Brendan Brazier 12-1pm Dr. Michael Greger 2-3pm Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete) 3-3:45pm Ashley Byrne (PETA) 4-4:45pm Vegan triathlete, Brendan Brazier, the force behind Vega, will likely be a big draw. One of the, if not thee, most notable faces (and bodies) on pro-vegan athleticism, Brazier’s advice on training is highly sought-after. Not really sure how the speaker series will be run, but I’m hoping to get there early just to make sure … Continue reading Chaining Myself To The Mercy For Animals Stage

Gearing Up For the Veg Holiday Season

Today is Hug A Vegetarian Day. Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day. Nov 1 is World Vegan Day. In the way of holidays, these are about as contrived as they get…but why not celebrate nevertheless? Bring a little bit of awareness like Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde at the Toronto Film Festival. Tomorrow starts the VeganMoFo. The Vegan Month of Food was originally started on Post Punk Kitchen, “The idea [being] to write as much as you can all month, about vegan food.” A Life Vegetarian is included in the Google bundle of RSS feeds. I’ll be bringing you more recipes throughout the month, … Continue reading Gearing Up For the Veg Holiday Season

Vending Machine Smart Choice: Wheat Thins

It’s always difficult walking up to a vending machine. You’re staring at the front of packages that all look so inviting, which is where the trouble starts. If you’ve ever thought with your stomach and not your head, you may know what it’s like to have the item drop, then realize it’s not for you. It’s the back of the package you need. Staring down the machine, other choices seemed plausible, but I settled on Wheat Thins cause they seemed the safest bet…and thankfully they were. Not only that, but they are even on PETA’s Accidentally Vegan list! The Original, Multi-Grain, and Reduced Fat varieties are all … Continue reading Vending Machine Smart Choice: Wheat Thins

“Don’t cry milk. I miss them too”

If you haven’t seen the new Oreo commercial, it’s adorable. The little girl drips a drop of her milk down the rim, and the camera pans to a plate of just crumbs, then she tells the glass, “Don’t cry milk. I miss them too.” So cute. But if you’ve gone vegetarian or vegan, and you’re likewise addicted to Oreos, don’t worry. You don’t have to miss Oroes. They’re accidentally vegan! So grab a bag and enjoy them with your favorite non-dairy milk alternative, maybe Soy, Almond, Coconut, Hazlenut…or even Hemp. And be sure to check out Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the … Continue reading “Don’t cry milk. I miss them too”