Gathering for Sacred Chow

The weather in NYC is gorgeous. Not too hot. So my father decided on a day trip. He loves hopping NJ transit and wandering around the city, particularly the museums. He’s criss-crossed the city in search of historical sites the way I seek out vegan food. His visits, without fail, include a veg meal. And this time, my sister joined us. We picked up forks in Sacred Chow on Sullivan Street, NYU territory. If you’re new to the place, the tapas are your best bet; smaller plates, but by no means small plates. My pops and sis split 3/$18. Continue reading Gathering for Sacred Chow

Rooftop Films presents Bovines this Thursday

When I was a kid, I loved rolling into the drive-in with my siblings, hopping into the hatch back trunk, and having a good time. Watching a movie in the open air is a treat. Rooftop Films is taking it to a new level, literally. This New York based non-profit is dedicated to bringing independent films to light, showing them in parks and on rooftops throughout the city. For animals lovers, the series is showing Bovines on Thursday, May 31st at The Old American Can Factory. In the fields, one sees them, wide in grass or grazing peacefully. Large placid … Continue reading Rooftop Films presents Bovines this Thursday

A Taste of Thai in Astoria

Visited 05/06/2012 Astoria is not exactly a vegan mecca. So I was happy to find Three E Taste of Thai. It’s a clean place with an attentive wait staff. After stopping at place after place in the area with pretty much no luck, spotting the vegetarian appetizer section on their menu made me hopeful. I wasn’t sure of the situation with co-mingling foods and I have been splurging on calories, so I decided to go light with a Nature Summer Roll and Papaya Salad. The restaurant must be aware of how bland the salad is considering how much dressing was … Continue reading A Taste of Thai in Astoria

Break for the Snail

My non-veg but foodie coworker and I headed over to Broadway and 55th today to get lunch from the Cinnamon Snail. We both, me with a little trepidation, got the Habanero Apricot Glazed General Tso Seitan, which is the weekly special. Sitting back at the office, he moaned (true story) at how good it was. It was in no way as spicy as I’d thought it would be, or even spicy at all. It was really creamy and sweet. He had no complaints; none he voiced to me at least. He liked that the bread has a good chew. Asked … Continue reading Break for the Snail

Cinnamon Snail Donut Scarf Down

Now that the Cinnamon Snail has rolled into NYC (so sorry Hoboken), they’re showing the Big Apple how outrageously good vegan food and pastries can be. Let me establish, this isn’t the place you eat at constantly…and thankfully they’re not close by me everyday. It’s more like religiously; you pick a day and go kneel at their alter. Spreading the love is the way they prefer it as they noted in a recent interview with Red Radio. Areas like Midtown West are underserved. They like to get around the city and serve those areas where veg food is typically scarce. … Continue reading Cinnamon Snail Donut Scarf Down

Start Your Week Over At Champs

“It was great to be Catholic and go to confession. You could start over every week,” said C in 1993’s A Bronx Tale. No matter your religious denomination, Champs Family Diner and Bakery is giving you the chance to start your week off right. Their monthly Drive-In Dine-In will be this Sunday, April 29th at 8:30pm, this month featuring Robert DeNiro’s directorial debut. In true Italian fashion, the all vegan $30 prix fixe dinner will include: Appetizer: String beans, mixed olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and chickpeas with fresh herbs Main course: Tagliatelle pasta with sweet Italian sausage and … Continue reading Start Your Week Over At Champs

The Seed Blooms in June

I’d heard about The Seed from Brendan Brazier‘s Facebook page. That’s right, Mr Brazier will be in tow for this “vegan experience.” Looking at the list of scheduled speakers, Eddie Garza (Mercy For Animals) to Dr. McDougall, I knew this was somewhere I wanted to be. After listening yesterday to episode 22 of Erin Red’s Red Radio, the deal was sealed. Early Bird tickets are currently available through Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 11:59pm. For me, the 2-day was the most logical; I don’t want to miss a minute. There are 1-day passes available as well. It is $25 for … Continue reading The Seed Blooms in June

Googa Mooga Tickets Go Bye-Bye

After last month’s successful (ok, slightly problematic) online handout of free general admission tickets to The Great Googa Mooga, the organizers went for broke with round two today. At noon, more GA tickets, touted as “An amusement park of food & drink,” went up for grabs. The two-day festival being held in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is powered by the brain children behind Bonnaroo. If you were not amongst the lucky ones to have snatched up free tickets to this festival, Extra Mooga tickets are still available at a measly $249 a pop. (From free to $250? LOL.) Currently on the … Continue reading Googa Mooga Tickets Go Bye-Bye

Catching Up Under a Caravan of Dreams

Visited 03/20/2012 I’ve said it before, but I can’t believe the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival has come and passed. After attending the first in April of last year (2011), I anticipated the second. Now eleven months and counting until 2013’s. Last week, the organizers got together with volunteers, myself included, at Caravan of Dreams to catch up. I’ll admit the menu prices are not cheap, my Quesadilla with soy chorizo and cashew cheese, was something like $19 alone. So it’s not somewhere you might frequent. It’s a treat for a special occasion. As a starter, there’s no bread. Instead, a … Continue reading Catching Up Under a Caravan of Dreams