Space for all the recipes and places I want to try! If you try them before me, shoot me a line and let me know of your adventures!


  • FARMiCiA RESTAURANT because their menu has both a vegetarian and vegan entree section as well as vegan and/or vegetarian items list throughout the rest fo their menu. (This has a caveat as I have now been here but didn’t actually eat…Avoid FARMiCiA during Restaurant Week. Not because it’s packed, since it was not by no means, but because while all the carnivores are saving money eating here during this week, vegetarians and especially vegans are actually paying more for their food than they would all the other weeks of the year.)
  • Mighty O Donuts Melisser Elliot, the Urban Housewife, posted some pictures from this place on her FB page (1/7/11). I may never make it to Seattle but this is a Wishlist. If nothing else, this place makes me want to try making donuts. Yummy!


  • I promised a manager I would make Vegan Cranberry Walnut Cookies. (1/15/2011)
  • I promised a Facebook friend I would make him something with cranberries in it when he gets back from school.
  • I told a coworker I would make Vegan Banana Split Cupcakes. (12/2010)
  • I promised I would make Johnny Cakes from BabyCakes NYC‘s cookbook. (Fall 2010)



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