Minnie Mouse Gone Veggie!

(copyright 1990, The Walt Disney Company)

Okay, so the Minnie ‘n Me Book of Recipes isn’t much compared to say “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” or “The Betty Crocker Cookbook,” but my sister and I LOVED this book when we were kids. You would have thought we aspired to be world-renowned chefs by our enthusiasm for some of the recipes. Actually, we probably did consider ourselves masters of the kitchen.

These recipes are majorly kid-friendly; some don’t even require adults and those that do expressly list “Here’s What a Grownup Will Do.” Pretty simple!

Even though I’m not a kid anymore, I still put some of these together by habit…and I’m positive my sister does too. (Yes, C.J., if you read this, I’m sure you’ll recognize our old stand-bys…but don’t post any spoilers! Love ya!)

Now I’m a vegetarian, though, and some of the ingredients don’t match my lifestyle. That’s okay. I can make it vegetarian. I can even make it vegan (I hope). And some I may even get a little crazy or a little fancy with. We shall see…


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