Blurring the Line Between Taste and Ethics

Yesterday, an article titled “Some of my best friends are vegetarian” by The Blurred Line caught my attention. It was Freshly Pressed on WordPress, so it apparently caught more than a few peoples’ attention. I was reading with a grain of salt at the cheeky rant–dotted with references to gas, moral superiority, and hatred towards brussel sprouts–meant to stir the pot and drum up traffic. It was all good…ok it was really all bad but fine and typical…until: My first reaction being ‘Seriously?’ I blinked and reread. I wasn’t hallucinating. Well boys and girls, the jig is up. That person … Continue reading Blurring the Line Between Taste and Ethics

The Dirty V: Indoctrinate Me

“Last Friday night, yeah we were danced on tabletops and we took…” Oh, wait, no. Actually I was stuck at work late, but that’s good cause it culminated with two slices of vegan pizza at Vinnie’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Before that, though, it included a conversation with one of my coworkers. Discourse is important; no matter where the channels of communication lead, take the ride. On her way out, she noticed my necklace. “Is that a pig?” “Yes, it says, ‘Friend Not Food’.” “It’s cute. I don’t agree. But cute.” Though commenting earlier in the day about wishing she could … Continue reading The Dirty V: Indoctrinate Me

The Dirty V: Feeling Sheepish

Just chilling at my friend’s apartment the other night, he comes out of his kitchen thoughtful. After a moment, he blurts out, “I think I’m going to start wearing wool.” He considers his words. I consider his words. Wool is not really all that textbook vegan. This comes as I’m trying to find a non-wool/down/leather/fur winter coat. His logic: it’s cold and wool keeps you warm. “You gonna take a bite out of a cow next?” I joked…sort of. There seems to be an all or nothing mystique surrounding veganism, though; a demand for a strict adherence to a codified … Continue reading The Dirty V: Feeling Sheepish