Whispers of NYCVFF Parte Duex

The first NYC Vegetarian Food Festival was amazing…once (if) you got in. Both Lauren of Gnosis and Eddie of Mercy for Animals have mentioned that there will be a second NYCVFF. However, it turns out there will be two events! The Green Holiday Festival will be held December 11, 2011 and the 2012 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival will be held March 3rd and 4th (yes, two days!). Both are slated to again be held at the infamous Altman Building; the festivals will reportly be in a larger area, though. (We’ll see how that works out.) A potentially good and rewarding strategy … Continue reading Whispers of NYCVFF Parte Duex

NYCVFF Had Food for the Body and Mind

Sandwiched between the good eats and sweet treats at the 1st NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, were a number of organizations. Potentially overlooked between the decadent cupcakes and vegan fast food, groups like these are the backbone of veg*ism; some putting in the long hours to fight through the red tape around sanctioned animal cruelty. Here are just a few paving new roads to the future and fueling our minds. NY CLASS Horse drawn carriages in NYC were necessary…a hundred years ago. If you feel the mean streets of the city are no place for these creatures, this organization is for you. Mercy For Animals Battling cruelty to farmed … Continue reading NYCVFF Had Food for the Body and Mind

Random Encounters: Chef Brooke Guthrie

On my way back to Union Square, content, after attending the first ever New York City Vegetarian Food Festival, I spotted a woman carrying a Picari chocolate bag. Out of curiousity, I walked up and asked her if she’d just been to the festival. She said she’d met the nice people at the Picari booth and was sold, then continued on to tell me what she planned to do with the chocolates. As I talked with Chef Brooke Guthrie, creator of EcoLoveChef, she told me of her plans for opening a cafe and of her her cooking classes. [Note: Chef … Continue reading Random Encounters: Chef Brooke Guthrie

Take a Virtual Bite Out of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

Most of what people talked about in line was the potential for free food. I left stuffed from sampling and some purchases… Honest Tea: I sampled the low calorie drinks, but I’m really curious about the new CocoaNova drinks. Loving Hut: Voted as a favorite chain in VegNews Magazine, many were loving their quesadilles and mac and cheese…all vegan of course! Sweet and Sara: Sara Sohn had out some of the largest samples. The Long Island-based marshmallow maker also brought her Vegan Peeps! Liz Lovely: Her cookies really are lovely too! She had samples of her Snickerdoodles and German Chocolate Cake, … Continue reading Take a Virtual Bite Out of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

The First Ever NYC Vegetarian Food Festival Had Its Highs…and Lows.

The first ever NYC Vegetarian Food Festival had a room full of vendors and many were dishing out the samples! From Sweet & Sara to Gnosis Chocolates, the tasty treats were everywhere…but that was only if you got in. The line for the event ran around three-fourths of the block. After waiting in line for hours, many people had to make the decision of whether the potential wait and what waited for them was worth their time. As the building owner came around, stern-faced, calling out that everything was being shut down and that no one else was getting in, … Continue reading The First Ever NYC Vegetarian Food Festival Had Its Highs…and Lows.

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on April 3, 2011…TODAY!

Looking for something to do on this lazy Sunday? Head over to the Altman Building at 135 West 18th Street for the inaugural NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. VIP tickets are sold out, but general admission is free! From 10am-6pm, partake in free samples and learn about vegetarian/vegan, animal-rights and environmentally friendly restaurants, organizations, and businesses. Continue reading NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on April 3, 2011…TODAY!