In defense of VEGA

Considering all the health articles in books and magazines touting the benefits of animal products, one might think vegans are setting themselves up for failure. Something like only 2% of the population is vegan, or at least self identifies as such. For all that literature, for all those people, meat-eating doesn’t appear to be any golden ticket to health. If I paid attention to most magazines, I’d feel inadequate. Likewise, if I listened to the people who listen to these magazines. One of the recurring questions I get is, ‘Do you take supplements?’ It’s posed as a question, but it … Continue reading In defense of VEGA

Rocking Queens

The recent heat wave that’s been the bane of many, gave 6,000+ runners a reprieve on Sunday morning. The NYRR Queens 10k, the 3rd in their 5 boroughs series, was a run about Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Forget the 31:21 finish of the top male, I’m just working on chasing down sub 1-hr. I came so close in my first back in April, the Scotland 10k, with 1:00:10. Yep, those 11 seconds kind of haunt me; my resolve is to dig deep in the end, but I’d rested on my assumption that I’d achieved my goal. Despite tacking on a … Continue reading Rocking Queens

Training Kickoff and the Countdown Begins

Today was my first Team ASPCA meeting! I’m excited to start the journey to the 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Halloween Half in Los Angeles. I’m particularly excited about this race because it benefits ASPCA. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to weigh corporate sponsors and charity beneficiaries, in addition to price and travel logistics, when deciding on races. With this one, it was a no-brainer. When the meeting was over, I couldn’t resist looking around Jack Rabbit UWS. As I talked with the sales associate, Emily, about navigating the shoe wall while being vegan, she completely understood. She’s vegan … Continue reading Training Kickoff and the Countdown Begins

Soaking up info at the NYC Triathlon

Yesterday I spent several hours writing on people. Men to be forthcoming. Triathlon competitors to be exact. Holding on to their calves, permanent marker in hand, I marked their age. It’s a tough life. Back-tracking, Thursday evening, I grabbed the most recent copy of Competitor magazine and started circling all the races I was interested in. I’ve been contemplating a duathlon or triathlon as my goal for 2014, so when I saw the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon was coming up, I thought I’d go out and root on the competitors; go see what a triathlon look liked before I invested too … Continue reading Soaking up info at the NYC Triathlon

Rainbows, Running, and Refueling

Today I ran in the Brooklyn Pride 5k. Standing at the start line, I thought, ‘Pride week is to many of the people here, probably like what a Veg Fest is to me.’ And, for me, Veg Fests are an opportunity to feel less in the minority. The labels I carry with me (woman, vegan), I’m somewhere in the rainbow ribbon of my finisher’s medal; we all are. One of the most adorable things I saw, aside from puppies and tutus, was a family in Joe hearts Jeff t-shirts. The couple was getting married right after the race! At the … Continue reading Rainbows, Running, and Refueling

Search for Vegan Running Shoes: Asics

I currently run in Brooks, which guarantees that all but one shoe model are vegan. While I love my Brooks, I’m interested in seeing what else is out there. Query: (Sent 5/9/2013) Do you offer any shoes that are entirely vegan (no animal/fish/insect products/by-products in the fabric or materials that make up the shoe)? If so, which? Response: (Received 5/13/2013) Thank you for contacting us at Please see the list below for the following shoe that are entirely vegan. D041N.9030 CALIFORNIA 78 BLACK/MANDARIN ORANGE D040N.2301 CALIFORNIA 78 TANGO RED/WHITE D041N.8401 CALIFORNIA 78 BRIGHT GREEN/WHITE D041N.0123 CALIFORNIA 78 WHITE/TANGO RED … Continue reading Search for Vegan Running Shoes: Asics