Giveaway: Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures (ENDED)

Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures is a vegan cookbook, filled with delicious recipes split out by season to make entertaining simple and pleasurable year-round. Comment below on your favorite summertime activity or treat for your chance to win a copy of Cornelia’s new book. Read more about Cornelia and her new book on Examiner. Simple Pleasures available in bookstores today, June 12, 2012! Like Cornelia Guest on Facebook! Giveaway open 12:01am EST 6/12/2012 through 11:59pm EST 06/18/2012. Open to U.S. residents only. Continue reading Giveaway: Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures (ENDED)

Heyo! Sale On AO (Alternative Outfitters)!

In my quest for an inexpensive, vegan winter coat, I stumbled upon Alternative Outfitters. Since it is mid-season, they’re currently having a sale on outerwear! AO is the brainchild of Jackie Horrick who says that, at her shop, “We try to show people you can still be really fashionable and not wear animals.” (LA Times, 08/23/2009) While I saw a winter coat by JACK that I really liked, they didn’t have my size left; which I don’t blame them for (I blame the girls; we have a love/hate relationship). I ended up snatching up a really cute faux leather jacket. … Continue reading Heyo! Sale On AO (Alternative Outfitters)!

Charming Christy Robinson Designs

Just received my little “Friend Not Food” Piggy Necklace from Christy Robinson Designs today. So cute. When I went to purchase it, I had a few questions for Christy and she was very helpful. If you have any concerns or inquiries about customizations, be sure to shoot her a line. Her line of jewelry is mostly made from recycled aluminum and has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a birdie, piggy, puppy, bunny lover, as well as a menagerie of other animals, and other eco-minded designs.   Like Christy Robinson Designs on Facebook. Check out her site. Buy more on … Continue reading Charming Christy Robinson Designs

Cupid Missed Its Mark On ASPCA’s Forever 21 T-shirt line

  While these shirts have adorable designs, the shape is ill-conceived to pull in a broader audience. While the Forever 21 x ASPCA venture is commendable, the misshapen, cropped, thin fabric of these sweater/tees, are poorly executed. The ASPCA/Forever 21 venture really is “looking for love”…but in all the wrong ways. If you believe in the organization, donate money directly to them. Don’t get sucked into purchasing a $12.80 – $17.80 rag when only a $1 of the sale goes to the organization.   Continue reading Cupid Missed Its Mark On ASPCA’s Forever 21 T-shirt line

The Dirty V: Feeling Sheepish

Just chilling at my friend’s apartment the other night, he comes out of his kitchen thoughtful. After a moment, he blurts out, “I think I’m going to start wearing wool.” He considers his words. I consider his words. Wool is not really all that textbook vegan. This comes as I’m trying to find a non-wool/down/leather/fur winter coat. His logic: it’s cold and wool keeps you warm. “You gonna take a bite out of a cow next?” I joked…sort of. There seems to be an all or nothing mystique surrounding veganism, though; a demand for a strict adherence to a codified … Continue reading The Dirty V: Feeling Sheepish

Some Fun in the City

My day off started with The Cinnamon Snail and ended with Gobo. Along the way, I saw some fun randomness around NYC. Union Square is one of my favorite areas in the city; a hub to start any good day! There is a Whole Foods, a farmers’ market, a movie theater, good veg*n food just short walks in all directions (think Curly’s, Lula’s, Atlas Cafe), a well stocked comic book shop, Strand Bookstore where most everything is just a little cheaper (be sure to stop in and grab your copy of the 2012 Vegan Guide to New York City for … Continue reading Some Fun in the City

Booths That Make You Go “Hmmmm….”

Of all the vendors and organizations at the Green Holiday Festival, three brought up some very interesting issues and concepts. KUR Organic Superfoods Gristle Tattoo Mr. Ellie Pooh     KUR Organic Superfoods Originally from Denmark, this brand is making its way across the ocean…with a new formulation (sweeter) for our American tastebuds of course. Talking with Lyn of Kur Organic Superfoods made me consider again the issue of veg*nisms non-universality. There seems to be no standard across boarders; other countries even have their own vegan/vegetarian symbols on foods and their own go to organizations.           … Continue reading Booths That Make You Go “Hmmmm….”

Shout Out Addendum: Never Give Me a Mic

Last night I attempted to do a shout out for the Green Holiday Festival…epic fail…at this month’s Vegan Drinks. I kind of got tripped up on the question, “What do they get for $20?” Honestly, I didn’t really know what to say. Once I saw the Green Holiday Festival, and that it was being organized by the ladies behind the 1st NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, I was like, ‘Where do I sign up to help?’ I had such an amazing time last April…even with the 3+ hour wait. Essentially that’s what the $20 is for: to weed out the line … Continue reading Shout Out Addendum: Never Give Me a Mic