#FreebieFriday Farm Sanctuary apron [Enter by 7/2/2015]

I’ve started a new thing on Instagram for the summer: a weekly giveaway. Last week’s giveaway was Lush solid shampoos. This week, it’s an apron from Farm Sanctuary ($20 value). If you’ve ever made a mess of your clothing while baking or cooking and thought ‘I really need an apron,’ this giveaway is for you. Comment with your favorite meal to make for your chance to win. A winner will be picked on July 2nd. (Please note that, while I love my friends everywhere, I can only ship within the U.S.A.) Advertisements Continue reading #FreebieFriday Farm Sanctuary apron [Enter by 7/2/2015]

Giveaway: At the Edge of the World

The Sea Shepherd New York Crew has been doing really great work! Earlier this year, a pair of members went to Taiji, Japan to be Cove Guardians, documenting dolphin captures and killings. More recently, a few members participated as Dam Guardians to document the treatment of sea lions in Oregon and Washington. As well, another member recently returned from Sea Shepherd’s ninth Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign. To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of ‘At the Edge of the World.’ Comment below by 6/8/2013 for your chance. Click the image below to comment on Facebook and find me @alifevegan on … Continue reading Giveaway: At the Edge of the World

Win my NYC Veg Food Fest goodie bag!

The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival was so much fun. Big thanks to Nira Paliwoda and Sarah Gross for being confident enough to think they could pull this off…and craziness to do it…there are more pieces to a festival than most people would think. Giveaways are also fun! So I collected goodies for one lucky reader. For this one, I’m taking a page from the women of Our Hen House and asking entrants to drop me a line…it’ll make it way easier to contact the winner! To enter to win, all you got to do is send a quick email to … Continue reading Win my NYC Veg Food Fest goodie bag!

On the Hunt at the 2013 NYC Veg Food Fest

I can’t hide my enthusiasm for the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend. I still remember the first festival. The three plus hours in line. The team of FoodSwings dressed like devils and angels. Dayna explaining to me just what Sea Shepherd does. It was so worth it. This year is shaping up to be memorable as well! Let’s share it! Scavenger Hunt! All peeps need to do is tweet @ALifeVegan with #huntnycvff. Deadline will be 3pm Sat. Winner will be tweeted by 4pm and must pick up their prize in person. Stop by the fast moving snail (Bonus love … Continue reading On the Hunt at the 2013 NYC Veg Food Fest

Atlanta’s temp is cooling but the fun’s warming up

Yay! Georgia’s gettin’ a VegFest. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 10th, with be the first (and hopefully annual) Atlanta VegFest. With around 40 vendors, including Herbivore Clothing and Vegan Outreach, and more than a handful of great speakers, including Terry Hope Romero and Jenny Brown, the festival looks like a full day of fun. Doors open at 9:45 a.m. and the first 300 guests will receive goodie bags! If you or someone you know lives in the Atlanta area, get to bed early so you can wake up bright-eyed! Continue reading Atlanta’s temp is cooling but the fun’s warming up

Get your app on

Just finished up writing an article about veg-friendly smartphone apps available for both Android and iPhone. The impetus behind it being disappointment. Recently, I read that BabyCakes NYC released an app. While I’m not a fan of everything they whip up in their kitchen, the application looks imposing…either that or there is a serious mistype in the App Store. Where popular Social Networking apps like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and LinkedIn clock in at 22MB at most, the BabyCakes app packs a punch at 503MB. While I heart my Android, searching the Apple App store made me long for an iPhone … Continue reading Get your app on

Rosemary Baby

Recently, I’ve been treated to some yummy goodness with a spice I’m not used to being front-and-center. Rosemary always seems to play second-fiddle to other herbs and spices. Today pretty much solidified my growing love for it, though. The ball got rolling a couple weeks ago when a friend offered me cookies with rosemary…and wow were they good! At Veggie Galaxy, the fries came topped with rosemary and sea salt. Now, today, I did no trick but was treated to a lovely Rosemary Caramel at Lagusta’s Luscious in New Paltz. Rosemary is carving a new place in my spice rack. … Continue reading Rosemary Baby

There’s no shortage of PB cups

Growing up, I looked forward to Halloween. As a child, I loved dressing up and heading out with my pillowcase. Our mom and dad would take my sister and I around our little neighborhood. As we got older, we were allowed to roam with our older brother. We were ambivalent to the filling of our bags. We loved getting the candy but knew the weight of our bounty would eventually put an end to the night…even before the late fall, northeastern chill. When we returned home, we’d plop ourselves down in the family room, and assess the . ‘They were … Continue reading There’s no shortage of PB cups

Get Down with Some Slutty Brownies

Earlier this year, A Tablespoon of Liz tackled Slutty Brownies from The Londoner. I hadn’t seen these previously, so I probably should have heeded Liz’s advice and made them asap. Finally, though, I decided to make these as a pre-Halloween treat for my friends and coworkers. Slutty Brownies consist of three layers: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate creme cookies, and brownies. The Londoner’s original recipe uses prepackaged cookie and cake mixes. Not many pre-made mixes are available for vegans. No matter! The recipes are nearly as easy to make from scratch. Since I was pretty confident that Liz’s recipes would turn … Continue reading Get Down with Some Slutty Brownies