First Vegan Shop Up of 2016

…was today. Sorry if you missed it. Back less than one week from my trip to Orlando and the weather here in NYC is insane. It’s Orlando weather. (Or was Orlando weather NYC weather? idk.) Just bananas. Wearing no jackets, just jeans and t-shirts, my sister and I headed to the shop up pronto. It was the only thing on my list for the day. I ended up going to the supermarket in the morning, like 9am, but that was just because the shop up didn’t start until noon and going to the supermarket was the thing I did while waiting for the shop up to open. The shop up was the only reason I set an alarm and made the decision to leave my apartment. It’s Saturday and I kind of wanted to “be a burrito” as my friend says, but Maresa Volante of Sweet Maresa’s just had to go and post pictures of new macarons she had made and I’m all queued up like it’s a standing room only concert…she sells out quick.

Anyway, out side of the macs, Peaceful Provisions kind of won the shop up for me with some weird Tamale Waffle Bowl, which I didn’t even get. My sister did and she gave me a bite and then I tried to distract her to steal her food. I probably would have gotten it had I not also eaten taco lasagna and a chick pot pie from two other vendors. All the food I had was good as well but they just knocked it out of the park.

Actually wish I’d brought some containers and people actually do that. It’s a lot, a lot of food and if you tried to binge, you’d just end up needing to be wheeled out like Violet…but what a way to go…

And this dog. Those eyes…

And this f**king Bloody Mary?! Pine Box Rock Shop and their shenanigans.

You can click on the pictures to go out to the different vendors, except the doggie who clicks out to NYC’s Animal Care and Control site just in case you’re so transfixed you want to explore adopting a friend.

So, the next vegan shop up event is apparently a cooking competition on January 30th at PBRS. Will I see you there?









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