2016 miles in 366 days

For Christmas, I received a Fitbit. It was a total surprise. Honestly, my sister thought I was going to be bothered with her for buying it for me; I’m not really good at taking gifts, especially not extravagant ones.

[I have my concerns about wearables and about the future in a world where everything you do is tracked, but that’s a future post.]

At this moment, I’m in love with my Fitbit and very grateful for having received it. It tracks your steps and tallies up the miles. In my 373 day run streak I tallied up more then 1,500 miles by taking pictures of treadmill screens and screenshots of my running app; using a wearable that synced to an app would probably have made my life way simpler.

I started using it on the 26th around 5pm and racked up 13k+ steps just running errands. So, seeing on Facebook a challenge to complete 2016 miles this year and I’ve decided to go for it.

Run the Edge says that you can walk, jog, or run just as long as you get it done. Going solo just means completing an average of 5.5 miles a day, which probably sounds harder than it is. In the Fitbit app, 10k steps equates to 5 miles. On Sunday, I slept in until noon and then decided just to stay in and tidy my apartment; I racked up 5k steps just cleaning my apartment. The steps add up.

While I’m sure the count isn’t perfect, it provides a gauge. You can get a simple wearable for under $100. Below are a couple articles to get you started.

If a wearable is out of your budget, you can always take the route I did in 2014. If you go to the gym, take a picture of the treadmill and if you’re outside, download an app that will locate and track you like Run Keeper. You won’t get the incidental steps you take in a day it will be something. Then maybe consider splitting up the miles with friends or family and making it a group effort.

While I heard of the challenge from Run the Edge, I’m not formally signing up for their program, but I do think that the $25 registration fee is pretty reasonable if you’re new to running or you need the community of encouragement (don’t underestimate community or encouragement). Click the banner below to go to Run the Edge for more information on registering.




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