Rocking Queens

55x99gcbScreenshot_2013-07-21-16-52-57The recent heat wave that’s been the bane of many, gave 6,000+ runners a reprieve on Sunday morning. The NYRR Queens 10k, the 3rd in their 5 boroughs series, was a run about Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Forget the 31:21 finish of the top male, I’m just working on chasing down sub 1-hr. I came so close in my first back in April, the Scotland 10k, with 1:00:10. Yep, those 11 seconds kind of haunt me; my resolve is to dig deep in the end, but I’d rested on my assumption that I’d achieved my goal. Despite tacking on a good 2 and half minutes to my time, finishing in 1:02:43, I’m happy with my performance for three reasons, not including the heat:

Screenshot_2013-07-21-18-25-52-11) I ran with no music. Sounds silly to be happy with, but being in my head for a full hour…

2) Consistency. On my training runs, in the heat, I’ve been having a lot of time variation per mile.

3) I maintained and dug in at the end. If the photographer got a picture of it, I’m sure it’s not pretty.

Super bonus: I got a couple nods on my No Meat Athlete shirt!

Being a girl who never thought she could run a mile, I think a lot of what we’re capable of or not is in our heads. Sub 1-hr 10k has been an elusive mistress, but I’m confident I’ll chase her down. Third time will be the charm!IMAG1174


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