Training Kickoff and the Countdown Begins

IMAG1145Today was my first Team ASPCA meeting! I’m excited to start the journey to the 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Halloween Half in Los Angeles. I’m particularly excited about this race because it benefits ASPCA. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to weigh corporate sponsors and charity beneficiaries, in addition to price and travel logistics, when deciding on races. With this one, it was a no-brainer.

When the meeting was over, I couldn’t resist looking around Jack Rabbit UWS. As I talked with the sales associate, Emily, about navigating the shoe wall while being vegan, she completely understood. She’s vegan too! It’s refreshing to be helped by someone who shares the same concerns.

IMAG1156Still in need of some supplies for my upcoming trip, I headed downtown. As I walked from Union Square, I happened upon the ASPCA mobile adoption van. Inside, with a number of adorable felines, I chatted with Amanda about her own companion animals, what it takes to be an ASPCA volunteer, and why she volunteers.

One of the gatherings with the team that I’m particularly looking forward to will be a trip to the shelter uptown. Like seeing the mobile adoption van in action, there was actually someone applying to adopt a pet while I was there, reinforces resolve. It’s why I whole-heartedly encourage visiting sanctuaries, like Woodstock, even if you’re already vegan or vegetarian.

IMAG1154While I was downtown in the heat I couldn’t walk two feet without hearing someone complain about, I decided it was an excellent excuse to indulge and I popped by Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co at 25 E 17th street. Two words for you: Cavaillon Melon. So good! The blueberry was also good, but the melon… (Note: all soft serve fruit varieties are vegan, but they do offer honey as a topping.)

Sitting on a bench with my team handouts, I felt confident in my decision to join Team ASPCA. A family member asked why bother raising money. $3000 is a bigger fundraising goal than I’ve ever set before, like ever in my life. It seems a bit daunting; it’s not chump change, but I believe that it’s attainable.

Considering donating to my fundraising challenge. I’ll be running for the animals on October 27th.


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