3000 Steps to the Rock ‘n Roll L.A. Half

Click the image above and donate to move me a step closer!

My 4th half marathon is fast approaching. I’ve done all I can to prep and now I’m looking to the future. I’ve set my sights on the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Los Angeles. This half is special because it benefits ASPCA and it’ll be especially fun because it’s Halloween weekend!

Since I ran my first 5k in Prospect Park last July, I’ve run a couple more 5ks, a 10k, a couple of obstacle runs, and half marathons in Philadelphia, Bethlehem, and Brooklyn…steadily building up. When I’m running around, I love to represent the animals; sporting Farm Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals and No Meat Athlete, even Vaute Couture, tees. Running with a team is going to be a new experience.

I never thought I’d fancy myself a runner…sometimes I still hesitate when I say it. Simultaneously, I still groan as I’m crawling out of bed for my morning runs, yet love the startling feeling when I realize I’ve forgotten I’m running. Mostly I consider myself a lone runner, cause at 6am I am pretty alone. I’ve taken to run clubs though. It’s nice when you’re running out of juice to have others there to pick you up, and vice versa. So why not combine everything?

These days, a dollar might only get you a candy bar. Yeah, that’ll satisfy you for all of 5 minutes. Why not put that dollar with others that can help provide care for animals? I’ve set my fundraising goal to $3000 by 10/27. Every dollar is one step closer. Let’s go!


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