Soaking up info at the NYC Triathlon


Yesterday I spent several hours writing on people. Men to be forthcoming. Triathlon competitors to be exact. Holding on to their calves, permanent marker in hand, I marked their age. It’s a tough life.

Back-tracking, Thursday evening, I grabbed the most recent copy of Competitor magazine and started circling all the races I was interested in. I’ve been contemplating a duathlon or triathlon as my goal for 2014, so when I saw the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon was coming up, I thought I’d go out and root on the competitors; go see what a triathlon look liked before I invested too much.

As luck would have it, Friday, when a new acquaintance asked me my plans for the weekend, a passing response about a long run turned into an open invitation to come out and volunteer. It was one of those things where it feels the stars have aligned and you’d be crazy not to do it.

Standing out in the mid-July heat, I soaked up more than some vitamin D. (Don’t worry. I wore sunblock and shades.) The enthusiasm and anticipation wafted in the air. A du- or tri- will definitely be my 2014 goal…and likely this particular one because, along with all the information I soaked up, apparently volunteering got me automatic entrance into next year’s. Woot!

Bonus: I even spotted a ‘Plant-Strong’ shirt and a couple ‘Vega’ tees.


One thought on “Soaking up info at the NYC Triathlon

  1. I wish you had taken some pictures! I actually had a friend who did that Tri this weekend. Sounds like you had fun!

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