Rainbows, Running, and Refueling

BrooklynPride5k_06082013IMAG0707Today I ran in the Brooklyn Pride 5k. Standing at the start line, I thought, ‘Pride week is to many of the people here, probably like what a Veg Fest is to me.’ And, for me, Veg Fests are an opportunity to feel less in the minority. The labels I carry with me (woman, vegan), I’m somewhere in the rainbow ribbon of my finisher’s medal; we all are.

One of the most adorable things I saw, aside from puppies and tutus, was a family in Joe hearts Jeff t-shirts. The couple was getting married right after the race! At the Brooklyn Half, I saw a newlywed running in a veil. It always impresses me when people go out of their way to hype up for a race. At the Brooklyn Pride, one guy even had wings on. So help me, if I ever run a Disney race, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Can’t say I’m super excited about my time of 28:21. Wish I’d dug deeper to at least maintain under a 9 min mile. It’s not about not meeting or exceeding your expectations or dreams. It’s that feeling after when you think, I could have done better. I was off my target at the Brooklyn Half by 14:02–sub 2 hour you will not elude me–but I felt I’d given all I had. I felt accomplished. I’m signed up for a 10k in July; I want sub 1 hour…I’ll take no regrets.IMAG0718

IMAG0716Afterwards, after cheering on the remaining runners, I hopped the subway to Smorgasburg. After devouring a couple of Fatty Beet Sliders from Chickpea and Olive, I sucked back the most delicious mango lemonade from Bombay Sandwich Co. I almost got a second it was that good. I wasn’t the only one who thought Smorg was a good call and spotted a few rainbow ribbon racers sprawled out on the grasses.

Satisfied, and getting a little too sun-kissed, I headed back to the train. I nearly spent $4.90 on ice cream when I spotted the Van Leeuwen truck–they now have two vegan flavors–but common sense got hold of me through the delirium of the mid-Saturday sun. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when places have new vegan offerings…but I had to seriously talk myself into buying a pint last week for $5, so I’m not about to shell out so much for a little cup of it. With my sweet tooth peaked though, I headed to Peacefood Cafe.

IMAG0722PeacefoodChocolateCroissant060813Fellow bloggers Emily, of Jersey City Vegan, and Stacy, of Vegan Fatty Boombalatty, were exchanging about the vegan ‘cronut’ and I had to check it out. A cronut is a croissant married with a donut…and it makes one fuggly baby in my humble opinion. Apparently, it’s good, but my eyes locked onto the chocolate croissant and I knew it was love.

After I made it home, I nursed that baby and a good book. I’m pretty aware my measly 5k didn’t justify all the food I knocked back today, but there are some days when you have to just say, ‘I’m fortunate. This day may not happen again. Carpe fudgin’ diem!’


One thought on “Rainbows, Running, and Refueling

  1. Love this post! I’m looking forward to the Pride NYRR race in a few weeks! It’s the only race I dress up for. I wear my rainbow flag! Congrats on your 5K!

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