On the Hunt at the 2013 NYC Veg Food Fest


I can’t hide my enthusiasm for the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend. I still remember the first festival. The three plus hours in line. The team of FoodSwings dressed like devils and angels. Dayna explaining to me just what Sea Shepherd does. It was so worth it.

This year is shaping up to be memorable as well! Let’s share it! Scavenger Hunt!

All peeps need to do is tweet @ALifeVegan with #huntnycvff. Deadline will be 3pm Sat. Winner will be tweeted by 4pm and must pick up their prize in person.

  • Stop by the fast moving snail (Bonus love if you get them to make a face)
  • ‘I am not a nugget.’
  • Grab some PHOOD!
  • Find the Dolphin in the skull
  • Find a running carrot
  • Learn about one of the happiest places on Earth (Clue: especially of you’re a farmed animal)
  • Go back in time with campfire favorites
  • Spot the dapper gentleman with the spiffy mustache
  • Find a feast for your eyes…and tummy!

How many can you find?

Game on!


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