What can you buy with $9?

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has started their ninth Antarctic campaign to defend whales in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. They hope their latest campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance, will be their greatest success in challenging illegal whaling.

The direct action marine conservation society cannot carry out their work alone. Beginning tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 19th, the organization is encouraging those who believe in their work to participate in a special fundraising challenge by pledging just $9.

This year’s campaign, which lasts 3 months, is not yet fully funded. Help the Sea Shepherds stay between the whalers and their prey for as long as they can. $9 is less than the price of a couple of Venti Starbucks drinks.

If you have the funds to spare, you can run with the theme of “9” by donating $9, $99, or $999. Even as little as $5 can help the organization with its efforts.

The goal is zero kills. Help support the whales.


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