Waving Bye to New Paltz

Following Hurricane Sandy, I got the chance to spend three weeks in New Paltz, New York. It’s a quaint little town. Highlights included runs up Main Street, a stop at the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House, visiting their campus of SUNY, eats at Karma Road, and sweets at Lagusta’s Luscious…of course.

Today, my father made the trip up for my last day in town and we couldn’t resist stopping at my favorite place. In addition to warming up with some spicy hot chocolate, we both enjoyed Chai and Chocolate cupcakes by Sweet Maresa’s…I could do shots of the icing. As well, I grabbed some treats for the road.

Along the counter were preludes of the treats to come this holiday season. Chocolate Christmas trees and reindeer.

While I am extremely excited to be settling back into my life, focusing on work, I’ll miss the solitude of my runs–just me and the road– and the stars in the sky…yep, that far out you can actually see those babies.

Lagusta’s Luscious
25 North Front St
New Paltz, NY. 12561
(845) 255-8834

Sweet Maresa’s
25 North Front St
New Paltz, NY. 12561
(845) 706-3626


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