Get your app on

Just finished up writing an article about veg-friendly smartphone apps available for both Android and iPhone. The impetus behind it being disappointment.

Recently, I read that BabyCakes NYC released an app. While I’m not a fan of everything they whip up in their kitchen, the application looks imposing…either that or there is a serious mistype in the App Store. Where popular Social Networking apps like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and LinkedIn clock in at 22MB at most, the BabyCakes app packs a punch at 503MB.

While I heart my Android, searching the Apple App store made me long for an iPhone or iPad. First off, browsing for apps via the iTunes platform was more user-friendly than the Google Play Store.

Second, and much more important, some apps I really wanted to try, like that from BabyCakes NYC, were only available for iPhone and iPad users. Sadly, even the free 21-Day Vegan Kickstart from PCRM was only available on iPhone and iPad.

If you’re an iPhone/iPad user, let me know your feedback on some of the veg-friendly apps you’ve tried.

If you’re an Android user, let me know some good ones I may have overlooked!


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