May Your Plates Be Filled


Happy World Vegan Day!

No matter how you come into veganism, for the animals, the environment, your health, it’s never been easier.

From restaurants to cookbooks to prepackaged foods, there is a way to leave animals off your plate no matter where you live.

The previous conception, my own included, is that to eat vegan was to live a life of deprivation. While I’m trying to eat smarter, I’m lured to the dark side…I have slutty brownies in the oven as I type.


So when I spotted this new tee from Compassion Co at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, I went for it. A typically healthy plant-based diet really is best for your physical/mental well-being, but a splurge can be beneficial too.

Pretty much ‘anything you can eat [with animal products], I can eat vegan.’ Join me!

May your plates be messy but your conscious be clean.


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