There’s a Vegan Treat waiting for me at the end

Today was the inaugural Runner’s World Half Marathon. The course weaved through the streets of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of the once booming Bethlehem Steel factory.

Bethlehem is also the home of Vegan Treats, which (no lie) was one of the major draws for me. Back in the late winter, when I registered, I was running the treadmill at my local gym. I’d still not completed my first goal of running Central Park.

The inaugural half marathon held by a prominent running magazine in a town home to my favorite bakery seemed like a pretty worthy goal. It also gave me several months to train.

For someone who had yet to break 6 miles, who despised the thought of running for years, 13.1 miles seemed crazy…and yet I put in my information and actually paid money to do this.

I’ve now lapped Central Park several times over and what was supposed to be my first half has become my second.

Takeaway tip for running a half in the chillier weather: Underdress. You may be cold at the start line, but you’ll be wishing you could run naked in no time.


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