The Sweetest Warmth Money Can Buy

This weekend, the clouds were kept at bay for the Chile Pepper Fiesta at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The event brought together vendors to showcase the many variances of the Chile pepper.

Sarah Gross of Rescue Chocolate once said to me, ‘if you’re gonna splurge on anything, make it chocolate.’ While I’m a cupcake gal, I can’t deny the indulgence of letting a piece of chocolate melt slowly on your tongue.

At the Fiesta, chocolatiers married their sweets with heat. Some, like Raaka, even went for broke; crafting a bar with the infamous Ghost Pepper.

My favorites:Pink pepper and Citrus from Madécasse: This bar wasn’t at the Fiesta. I tore into one in the last few weeks. Delicious sweet citrus chased by the subtle warming of the pepper. (Note: Madécasse is not a vegan company but offers a variety of vegan bars.)

Ghost Pepper from Raaka: This bar was made exclusively for the Chile Pepper Fiesta. Ghost pepper is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) in the world. This bar though, smoothed the heat from an intense burn to a strong warmth.

Mission: Warm up as the temperature starts to drop with some heat infused sweets.

Pictures from this event coming soon. Be sure to Like A Life Vegan on FACEBOOK!


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