Getting Stolen for a Treat

Today, I threw caution to the wind, hopped the F, and headed downtown on my lunch break. My boyfriend and I popped into An Choi on Orchard St and shared a quick vegan sandwich. An Choi is not vegan; they actually have a very limited vegan selection. They do have an amazing Bahn Mi, just be sure to ask for it vegan (without the mayo).

What would you choose?

Afterwards, we decided to head around the corner to BabyCakes. He’d never been and, while it’s been hit or miss for me, we decided to indulge. These Spelt Skinny Buns definitely go in the pro column.
Before returning to the office and to our goodbyes, we wandered back onto Orchard and by MooShoes to share our sweet treats with a friend (human, not cat). Be sure to stop by and check out their great selection of vegan shoes and give Marlow a little love.
In this city, sometimes you need to get stolen away (or runaway) from the usual day to day.


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