Foie gras ban moving forward in Cali

When I was younger, I wanted a perfume I saw in a teen magazine…it was shaped like gummi bears! Though I went to the biggest, most “up-scale” department store in my suburban town, I couldn’t find it. My mother, a former west coast gal, explained to me dreamily, ‘things start in Cali and spread from there.’

This was years ago…when it was AMAZING, rather than commonplace, to get a low byte pic to download in 10 mins (btw, I’m currently writing this from my phone on the subway). This morning, though, it seems no truer.

CBS morning just ran a story on hurried purchases of foie gras in CA ahead of a new ban about to take affect. Last out of Cali, I heard was a ban on the sale of fur in a particular area.

One of the silliest comments on the segment, for me, came from a pro-foie gras woman. To paraphrase: ‘You’re vegan and just looking for something to be upset about.’ Yes, of course. That’s why we all become vegan, cause we’re *looking* for something to be upset about. Not because there is something wrong with force feeding an animal, forgetting to even get bogged down in that whole slaughtering part of the equation.


Cannot find the video of the protesting crowd. According to an article the woman said, “You’re a vegan and you have a vegan agenda.” Don’t think I was far off with my paraphrase cause it seems that most people think that’s what a ‘vegan agenda’ is.

Link to a video of an interview from CBS. ‘Start forgetting about chickens. Start forgetting about turkeys on Thanksgiving.’ Seriously? Is this all it was going to take to end it all? Great!

The statewide ban on foie gras in California takes affect July 1st. Let’s hope for that domino effect!


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