Running with El Venado


Just finished running in Central Park with ultramarathoner Scott Jurek. (And by “running with” I mean pitifully trailing behind but still amongst the collective.) It’s likely a hundred people gathered for this “Fun Run” preceeding Scott’s talk to promote his new book “Eat & Run.”

I’m not a runner. (Note the red face at left.) I run and I am training for a half marathon, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me…but there is something about getting out there. Apparently running wasn’t something Jurek was immediately in love with either.

Another thing…he’s vegan! Actually that’s why I chose to wear my No Meat Athlete t-shirt and I even spotted another running carrot: Molly! A volunteer with Sea Shepherd, Molly is a seasoned runner…and wonderfully encouraging. (Thank you!)

In the first mile, though, it was evident to me that Scott isn’t a vegan runner…he’s a runner who’s vegan. Many I spoke with were not vegan; they were there to see an amazing runner that pushed boundaries and inspired them. His achievements put nay-sayers in awe…and expand past the false association of superior athletes needing to be fueled by animal products.


4 thoughts on “Running with El Venado

  1. “a seasoned runner”… You are too kind. Running doesn’t come naturally to me either. I run because I love it. It feels like the right thing to do. What’s the first thing babies do after we learn to stand? We try to run. I always feel that running connects us to everything, the past and future of humanity. Scott is an inspiration, in that regard. Even if I never run further than a marathon (which I only plan to do once, anyway. NYC 2013!!). See you around/soon, Sarah! I’m up for a run anytime.

    1. Unbelievably so. There was a book signing after his talk. Of course I had a brain fart, couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say, but Scott and the other writers/runners were so personable.

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