A Taste of Thai in Astoria

Visited 05/06/2012

Astoria is not exactly a vegan mecca. So I was happy to find Three E Taste of Thai. It’s a clean place with an attentive wait staff. After stopping at place after place in the area with pretty much no luck, spotting the vegetarian appetizer section on their menu made me hopeful.

I wasn’t sure of the situation with co-mingling foods and I have been splurging on calories, so I decided to go light with a Nature Summer Roll and Papaya Salad. The restaurant must be aware of how bland the salad is considering how much dressing was dumped on top, which worked out because I needed something to give taste to the summer roll; the hint of mint was not enough.

Typically, my sister can fare better in restaurants that serve meat; I’ll be bummed at the lackluster attention to the veggies.

She had accidentally been given my summer roll and tried a piece, which gave her something to laugh at me about as I choked it down. Other than that, and the rice that seemed to be missing its instruction manual, we ate in peace.

She got her leftovers to go and we continued on our way. A block later, the bag of leftovers swung upwards and down, right into a trash can.

“You didn’t like it?”

“Well, I don’t want to judge on the first try…but we never have to go there again,” which pretty much sums it up.

While she liked the Crab Rangoon, she went on to describe her Larb Chicken as “a can of chicken dropped on a salad” and the rice as the worst she’d ever had. (The rice was served in a wicker cup, that I thought was on the table for decoration. When she opened it, her prize was a ball of rice in plastic wrap. The rice ended up being a sticky lump she might sooner have picked up and eaten like a bread roll then jab at it with her fork, and maybe she should have.)

Verdict: When you’re wondering and hungry, sometimes an oasis can be a mirage.

Taste of Thai
34-16 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106


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