Googa Mooga Tickets Go Bye-Bye

After last month’s successful (ok, slightly problematic) online handout of free general admission tickets to The Great Googa Mooga, the organizers went for broke with round two today. At noon, more GA tickets, touted as “An amusement park of food & drink,” went up for grabs.

The two-day festival being held in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is powered by the brain children behind Bonnaroo. If you were not amongst the lucky ones to have snatched up free tickets to this festival, Extra Mooga tickets are still available at a measly $249 a pop. (From free to $250? LOL.)

Currently on the music line up are acts like The Roots and Hall & Oates. For eats, vendors include Luke’s Lobster and The Meat Hook, which probably won’t peak the taste buds of veg*n attendees. The organizers, though, “promise to make vegetarians and vegans happy, too, as well as those with any other dietary restrictions.” However, with less than a month to curtain, the veg pickings look slim…which might be an understatement.


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