Children’s Book Stirs Up Adult Debates

Tomorrow, April 24th, the new children’s book by Ruby Roth will be released. Entitled Vegan Is Love, Ms. Roth’s second book is drawing attention from both pro- and anti-veg camps.

Praise and criticism come simultaneously regarding whether encouraging kids to adopt a plant-based diet is healthy and whether it is healthy exposing to children to the graphic images depicted.

It is a misconception that vegetarian or vegan diets are unhealthy for growing children. These diets, when well planned, can be as healthy or healthier than those including meat. What begs the most consideration is whether kids should be exposed to the animal abuses that foster a plant-based diet.

The illustrations look very well done, even if disturbing to a degree. The shock value of seeing what goes on behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses and animal labs, is tremendous; it’s also not for kids.

My stance is that it’s very important, for those of age to seek out information, to be made aware of animal issues. One of the number one things I hear amongst adults is confusion and misguidance. Parents influence their children greatly. Inform the parents who can be guides.

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