Prelude To Go Green

Today is Earth Day! Take a little time to evaluate the things you do and how making changes for the environment might be beneficial for you as well.

  • Turning the water off when brushing your teeth = lower water bill (more $ for you)
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs = buying fewer bulbs (more $ for you)
  • Ditching plastic utensils for proper silverware = never having to go around the office begging for a fork when all anyone has are knives and spoons (“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?“)
  • Walking to the store that’s only a few blocks away = saved gas money and spent calories (Yay! Who’s ready for another cupcake?!)
  • Plant a tree = more oxygen (Breathing is priceless!)

For more Earth Day resources, visit:

As well, and without fail, Vegan Cuts has organized a number of special offers, between 25% and 10% off. The eco-friendly companies range from Love Bottle to Kids Konserve. Check out their Eco-Vegan Earth Day Guide for all the codes and “All coupon codes expire April 30 unless otherwise noted.”

Nipping on Earth Day’s heels is Compassion Over Killing’s VegWeek! Adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is another win-win scenario for both people and the environment. According to the Environmental Working Group, “If you eat one less burger per week, over a year, it’s like taking your car off the road for 320 miles or line drying your clothes half the time.” That’s the impact of just one small food change! “You’ll also save money–vegetarian meals generally cost less–and do your heart a favor, since most vegetables are lower in artery-clogging fat than meat” (The Energy Collective).

This one week pledge campaign organized by the D.C.-based non-profit is drawing attention. Offering a chance to win great prizes and the option to receive recipes, tips, and meal ideas by mail as well as being able to request their free VegWeek Starter Pack, which includes product coupons, even veg*ns should get in on this!

You can let that all sink in.

I leave you with this hilarious, animated video by Mother Nature Network in honor of Earth Day‘s 41st anniversary. My favorite lines:

  • 2006:An Inconvenient Truth is released, winning Al Gore an Oscar, a Nobel Prize and a lifetime of being criticized every time it snows.
  • 2008: The EPA releases a list of “eco-fugitives.” Captain Planet comes out of retirement.


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