BUST Craftacular and Food Fair Bursts with Energy

Today was the Bust Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair from 11am-7pm. Held at 82 Mercer Street, Soho, NYC, the space was packed with vendors. At $3 to get in, a nominal fee to give over if you’re a craft-enthusiast, I handed over the money like I was getting in line for a roller coaster; thinking to myself, ‘Why the hell am I here?’ I’ll admit, the all vegan Cinnamon Snail Food Truck was on hand, but that was at the curb outside…way before getting to the cash box.

After picking up their last issue, I’ve become a fan of the magazine, though. Since the magazine had vegan items (a recipe and some ads) in it’s last issue, it really was that I wanted to see if the fair had anything unique to offer me.

Right after I forked over my $3 to one hand, another appeared offering me a complimentary copy of their current issue. Um, well, sure. That’s better than handing it over to Whole Foods. Score already.

I’ve made jewelry; I’ve sewn; stacks of paintings sit in a corner of my room; and I bake. Despite that, in my narrow yarn sock puppets and granny quilts association with the word, I wouldn’t have considered myself crafty.  A reassessment may be in order.

Right off the bat, I recognized Black Sheep Heap‘s veg-centric designs, including their “Beet the System” t-shirt from the Green Holiday Festival in December. Then I spotted Verite Catering’s yummy cupcakes, which I immediately bought up…and devoured…a Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting.

A number of tables specialized in jewelry. Continuing down the aisle, I was immediately taken in by Noosed Kitty‘s whimsical and humorous designs…and I couldn’t pass up her print of a narwhal in a bakery with donuts on its tusk.

I’m really glad I made a second round or I would have missed The Sideshow Soap Co. Rachel is not vegan but she is business savvy. Why marginalize a potential consumer base? ‘If something can be made vegan, why not?’ My favorite is always lip balms; there are 5 flavors in the line at $4 each. She said they weren’t as easy to make vegan as the lotions, but she kept everything consistent.

Also in tow were NYC Vegetarian Food Festival veterans Lizzmonade. Want to see more, visit ALV on Facebook!


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