Simple Teriyaki Seitan and Veggies

imageWandering through my Whole Foods, I was looking for something quick to make with as few dishes as possible that was filling. A freezer dinner wasn’t it; neither was the salad bar. While I like both, I was also looking for the most bang for my buck. I saw an Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal and my mind drifted back to my own freezer; I had a bag of frozen veggies.

  • WestSoy Cubed Seitan (You can use any brand you prefer)
  • Brown rice (I picked up a frozen bag of Whole Foods’ from their freezer case)
  • Veggies (I used a bag of Green Giant Steamers, which included sliced carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, but fresh is great if you have more time…or energy.)
  • Teriyaki sauce (Again, I just grabbed Whole Foods’ store brand)

Total was about $12, which fed me for two meals, and I still have half a bag of rice and more than half a bottle of sauce. Some will challenge, but my microwave is my friend; took me less than 10 minutes to toss this together. You can make this in a skillet on the stove top, though; which is good if you want the veggies and seitan to take up the sauce. I wanted portion control, so I just drizzled a little over top.


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