This Little Chickie Went to Market



While at a Five Below store this weekend, I spotted these tees. At this chain, everything is, you guessed it, $5 or less. These were a surprise find. One depicting a chicken engaging in a little cannibalism and the other showing a pig coming face-to-face with an “old friend”.

Both are meant to be humorous; if not, I doubt they would be there. Sadly, the chain’s presence, along with those such as Walmart, is likely helping to keep developing countries’ wage rates at bottom dollar as well…but that’s a discussion for another torchbearer. Point being, this place is not a “hotbed” for activism.

Given the typical audience, I wonder what message patrons take from these designs? I wonder if people have bought any of these? If so, who?

Both are showing farm animals eliciting human-like reactions to meat. Both show animals seeing their “future.”

But that’s the textbooks talking. Before my pseudo-intellectual self got to work deciphering, my nearly a decade veg reaction was snickering in amusement…not shock or disgust.

Is that the way to peoples’ minds? Through their belly… laughs?


2 thoughts on “This Little Chickie Went to Market

    1. I was focusing mainly on the dismay depicted; in that, I think is why these shirts are different. That you mention it, though, I remember reading something touching on those signs. It had to do with making the idea sexy; I’ll have to think on where I read it. I don’t understand it; it’s an effect advertising piece or it wouldn’t be done. Like red and yellow being McDonald’s primary colors because they have been shown to make people hungry, I don’t quite understand how having cartoons depicting animals ready to chow down on the food their made of works for the advertisers.

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