One of These Things is Not Like the Other?

Horse drawn carriages can bring about a sense of nostalgia. Horses have been utilized for transportation for centuries. However, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable & Safe Streets (NYCLASS) and PETA want you to take a step into the future.

In 2008, Duncan Riley wrote for The Inquisitr, “Thousands of years of human history, and now PETA wants to ban horse drawn carriages? WTF?…Just when you think you’ve seen PETA go to extremes, they out do themselves once again.”

While horses were necessary to our ancestors lives, where cars are present, they have effectively made horses obsolete as a means of transportation. Horse drawn carriages still persist though. For the Guardian UK, SE Smith noted that “…in New York, as in a handful of other locations around the world, horses still work in urban environments, and purely for entertainment purposes.”

What separates carriage horses, though a prominent piece of the argument against their utilization in urban areas, is not how they are housed. That they are forced to travel amongst cars, in jeopardy of being hit. With this in mind, I was passing by a set of police horses in downtown NYC a few weeks ago and thought, “What makes them different?”

While these horses are likely kept in better conditions than carriage horses and they only have to carry the weight of one officer, rather than a heavy cart, they still travel on the mean urban streets, antiquated and likely ineffectual in our era.


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