Fill Your Basket With Bunnies And Chickies

Listening to an older episode of the Our Hen House podcast, circa December (so last year), Jasmin and Mariann were talking about how they think it’s okay for non-religious people to take part in religious holidays.

*Pheww* I’m not alone. I’m not really religious. It obviously hasn’t affected my moral campus. I tend to go with a “do as little harm as possible” doctrine.

It’s the not being alone part that I think ties people to holidays. I grew up searching for decorated eggs, getting my frills dirty on the green spring grass. Waking up to a big basket of candy was tops, with all that plastic faux grass. What any of that has to do with the Catholic reason for Easter, umm. Lots of fond memories, though.

Whether you’re religious, like me and not-so-much-but-still-enjoy-the-bonding-aspect, or totally anti-Easter, check out Vegan Cuts Easter Gift Guide. A number of the coupons are for candy but one is for Vegan Essentials, so you can save on, well, your vegan essentials.

Unless otherwise noted, all codes expire on April 10….


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