Rocky Road for March Madness


March is what college basketball fans wait all year for. Even if you’re not generally into hoops, you probably created a bracket and played that odds…even if that involved eenee-meanee-minnee-mo.

I’ll admit I didn’t have any b-ball tie-in in mind when I decided to make these. If you’re planning any Final Four or National Championship parties for this Saturday (3/31) or Tues (4/2), you may want to though.

I was gifted a box of Dandies and thought, ‘What should I do with a dozen bags of vegan marshmallows?’

First up, Rocky Road Cookies! The recipe I used is a variation from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.

I kick myself for not taking better, or even just more, pictures of these cookies. These cookies were a big hit. One of my coworkers said they reminded him of Snackwell’s Devil Food Cookies.

The book’s recipe calls for white chocolate chips; I substituted the vegan marshmallows. Initially I patted the marshmallows on top, but I suggest folding them into each cookie you roll. While they taste the same either way, they just look more inviting this way. (In the pick is visible a first batch cookie (top) and second batch (peeking out from below).

These cookies were super…correction: SUPER…soft. I actually had only a fourth of the cocoa powder the recipe called for. I replaced a portion of the difference with extra flour. To some extent, this was a que sera, sera endeavor. You can make them to the book’s recipe, then you can go crazy and alter as desired.

Have fun! Eat yum!


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