Catching Up Under a Caravan of Dreams

Visited 03/20/2012

I’ve said it before, but I can’t believe the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival has come and passed. After attending the first in April of last year (2011), I anticipated the second. Now eleven months and counting until 2013’s.

Last week, the organizers got together with volunteers, myself included, at Caravan of Dreams to catch up.

I’ll admit the menu prices are not cheap, my Quesadilla with soy chorizo and cashew cheese, was something like $19 alone. So it’s not somewhere you might frequent. It’s a treat for a special occasion.

As a starter, there’s no bread. Instead, a slice of blood orange and avocado. You make look at it oddly for a second, but it’s actually pretty good, separate and together.

I was tentative to get the sample platter appetizer, but I wanted something people could share. All the foods included are very good but the platter is better in theory than exaction. I opted for the raw bread, and maybe that’s why, but what I got was not enough to go with the platter…unless you heaped a big spoonful on each piece of bread. Instead I asked for extra veggies.

My entree was delicious and I am definitely going back. There was seitan on the appetizer platter, so I’m thinking next time I’ll try the Seitan Taquitos.

Towards the end, watching the waiter create the Hot Brownie Sundae was crazy. It’s a glass with strawberries; then brownie bits; topped with ice cream and whipped cream, which I think someone say were coconut; and drizzles of chocolate plus a few other things I lost track of. Such a yummy combination. Great to share…but you can keep it all for yourself if you please.

Caravan of Dreams

405 Eat 6th Street

New York, NY 10009



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