Packing in for Dinner at John’s on 12th Street

My father rolled into town tonight to spend the weekend with me at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. Since it was his birthday weekend, I decided to meet him halfway by choosing a non-vegan restaurant with vegan options. As I racked my brain, I remembered a recent MeetUp reminder I’d received by email. While I don’t get to go to a ton of MeetUps, I keep the emails as suggestions for future nights out.

Let me tell you, walking into John’s on a Friday night on the fly, without a reservation, is not the best idea, but they managed to find a table. It’s quite a tightly packed place and I almost said, ‘Forget it. Let’s just go next door.’ I’m glad be stuck it out, though. While my father liked Angelika Kitchen the last time we went, it good to try something new.

He ordered Chicken Parmigiana (yeah, the real deal, but they do offer a vegan variation); I ordered the Seitan Rosa, which was good and really filling; and we shared an order of vegan garlic bread, which was a little too crunchy and not quite flavorful enough for my taste.

All in all, for a spur of the moment suggestion, it worked out well, which doesn’t always happen when food preferences collide.

Keep in mind, try to make a reservation. Also, they do not accept credit cards. I repeat, they do not accept credit cards…which still blows my mind.

302 East 12th Street
New York, NY
(212) 476-9531


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