Chaining Myself To The Mercy For Animals Stage

The four speakers I am most looking forward to at this year’s NYC Vegetarian Food Festival are all appearing on the Mercy For Animals Stage on Saturday.

  • Brendan Brazier 12-1pm
  • Dr. Michael Greger 2-3pm
  • Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete) 3-3:45pm
  • Ashley Byrne (PETA) 4-4:45pm

Vegan triathlete, Brendan Brazier, the force behind Vega, will likely be a big draw. One of the, if not thee, most notable faces (and bodies) on pro-vegan athleticism, Brazier’s advice on training is highly sought-after. Not really sure how the speaker series will be run, but I’m hoping to get there early just to make sure I’m in the room for his talk.


Catching up on the Our Hen House podcast, I recently listened to the ladies interview Dr. Greger. A leading physician on plant-based nutrition, you can watch his exhaustive video library on pretty much everything you every wanted to know about food but never knew who/how to ask at Nutrition


Matt Frazier is bringing together a community of vegetarian and vegan athletes proud to “Run on Plants” with his site No Meat Athlete. On the surface, the site is aimed at runners but it’s such a huge resource that can be utilized by all veg*n athletes.


Ashley Byrne is a Senior Campaign Organizer for PETA. Again, the ladies at OHH are a big reason I’m looking forward to hearing Ashley speak. I’ve never considered myself an activist, but their everyday activism, use the talents you have, message has drawn me in and made me more curious about other outreach efforts/tactics.


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