Take Two a Day And See Me At the Festival

Here’s a list of 12 vendors/organizations I am looking forward to most at the 2012 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival:

Chicago Soy Dairy – Had their Teese last year but can’t find it anywhere locally.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company – I hope they bring their Gingerbread variety.

Bixby Co – Just so curious; I want to try a Bixby bar.

Vegan Bodega – First of its kind in NYC; picked me up some Vegan Queso at the Valentine’s Shop Up a couple weekends ago and I want to see what other goodies they’re gonna stock.

Herbivore Clothing – If I could get a “My body is not a graveyard” sweatshirt, that would be very cool.

Vaute Couture – Leanne has donated one of her beautiful coats to the festival’s raffle(s) to benefit For the Animals Sanctuary. Her coats and tees are loved by celebrities like Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, and Ginnifer Goodwin. Vaute Couture will only be at the festival on Saturday because the flagship store is opening in Brooklyn on Sunday. Congratulations, Leanne! I’m hoping the “Let’s Widen the Circle” tank will be available in my size at the festival. If not, I’ll be sure to pop by 234 Grand Street in Brooklyn!

Common Ground Center (Vermont) – Jim and Carole were so sweet when I met them at the Green Holiday Festival; hope to see them again!

Mercy For Animals – Picked up one of my most favorite tees at last year’s festival and got the chance to chat with Eddie, who is always wonderful. I’ll never be able to watch one of their videos, though.

Compassion Over Killing – They rock it co-organizing the D.C. VegFest and tirelessly working for animals. Hoping to finally meet Erica Meier and Katie Shamp.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – On the seas, this society’s efforts are documented in the Emmy-nominated reality series Whale Wars. On shore volunteers are integral to the society’s efforts. Be sure to chat with them to find out more.

CLLCTV – With Dan Mims (The Ethical Man) and Megan Rascal (Vegansaurus.com) on staff, I’m curious to find out more.

Vegan Cuts – Partnering with companies to bring you deals on vegan products.


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