This Box of Chocolates Is Like Life

This box of chocolates cost $12. Despite what my sister might say, this box was worth $12. You’d spend nearly $2 a piece if you were buying from Godiva; there were 10 or 12 in here, depending upon how you look at it. More than that, though, this box of chocolates came with the feeling of finding the toy in the cereal box. The PB cups and Cookies and Cream Hearts were pretty much why I bought this while visiting Vegan Treats Bakery in Bethlehem this past weekend. Interestingly, they weren’t my favorite pieces. The Coconut was a favorite, really creamy. I was totally surprised, though, when I bit into one of the centerpieces thinking it was just a chocolate covered pretzel, only to find it was a vegan Twix! I was giddy and it was so good. Must try.


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