Pure Awkwardness With My Food and Wine

Visited 02/15/2012

Hearing so much good buzz about Pure Food and Wine, I quickly snatched up a nice Groupon deal several months back and finally was able to make use of it. Aside from your raw by nature fruits and veggies, I haven’t really gotten into raw vegan prepared foods.

It’s a blink-and-miss-it place. The interior, though, is really nice. With so much great feedback, I had really high hopes as my friend and I sat down. The day after Valentine’s Day may not have been the best timing, though.

Since he’d had a large and I’d had a late lunch, we both weren’t starving, but we could eat and enjoy; so we decided to use the voucher before it expired to share a couple of dishes and try the place out.

I’m not going to get too into it, but given the Groupon and the sharing, I think our waiter assigned a very low value to our table and serviced according to that. (Lucky for us, the guy filling our water glasses hadn’t been informed.)


Salad of Chicories with Bourbon Cask Sour Cherries, Salsify Bacon, Lapsang Smoked Walnuts, and Buttermilk Dressing (above). (Sorry. Forgot to take the picture until after forks attacked.) While my friend said he enjoyed the salad, he admitted he would not get it again. The cherries and walnuts were very tasty and I really liked the Salsify Bacon. I preferred this much more than our second course. The only thing I really didn’t like was the shell I bit down on and the shot of pain it gave me, but the look on my face surely grabbed our waiter’s attention.

imageSunchoke Gratin with Vanilla Poached Pear with black kale pesto, shaved black truffles, and truffle hazelnut cream (above). This was…ummmm…I liked the Vanilla Poached Pears. I won’t say much more than that regarding this dish.

We all know I have a sweet tooth. (If you don’t, peruse the site; it’s pretty evident.) Most of the online praise we’d seen was for the desserts. I eyed the Dark Chocolate Semi Freddo and the Frozen Black Forest Shortcake. As we waited…and waited…for our waiter to come back, I remembered that I had brought a CLIF bar for my friend. He likes two of the seasonal varieties that aren’t readily available now; I happened to spot a few in a local supplement store.

After a few minutes of it sitting on the table, us just talking, waiter walks up and says, ‘There is no outside food allowed in the restaurant.’ Seriously? With a smile, my friend responded, ‘I’m not going to come into a restaurant like this and eat a CLIF bar.’ Maybe slightly embarrassed, the gentleman laughed slightly but added, ‘Oh, I thought you were going to have it instead of ordering a dessert.’ Seriously!

However, in the end, I did get a dessert…over at Whole Foods. I paid the check and tipped more than accordingly for the service…hope the water boy gets a cut cause it was mainly for him…and we headed over where I grabbed a delicious slice of Cafe Indigo Chocolate Cake from Whole Foods’ prepared food case.

Will I go back to Pure Food and Wine? Not likely. If you have a Groupon, I recommend going during a slower time of the day.

Some tea/liquor drink my friend got. (Look closely behind to see the infamous CLIF bar.)

Pure Food and Wine
54 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003-2314


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