Smell the Scandal

A Scent of Scandal is a Los Angeles-based company powered by siblings Ari Solomon and Heather Brancaccio. A VegNews Magazine VegPick for Best New Vegan Product (Winter 2008), this duo and their line of candles are burning up.

Their hand-poured candles are made of 100% soy wax. Ranging from spicy to fruity, there’s a scent for everyone. “100% vegan with an attitude,” each fragrance has a fittingly suggestive name, including Good In Bed, DILF, and D-Cups.

The company is offering three unique varieties for Valentine’s: Me So Thorny (Rose), Sext Me (Blackberry), and Lick Me (blend of Cherry, Strawberry and Apple)…mmm, yes, please…I mean, they sound like they would smell really good.

Each 8oz candle tin, with a burn time of 30-35 hours, is $15. You can also grab up all three for $35.

Make sure to peek at all their goodies; they’re not shy. If you’re into earthy scents, get Down Under (eucalyptus leaves with a hint of lime); floral, go for the Walk of Shame (with top notes of nectarine and water lily); fruity, have your way with 8 Inches (banana with hints of vanilla and cream); or sweet, splurge on a Hot Mama (cinnamon and nutmeg).

The company offers free shipping on orders of six candles or more with the coupon code BIGSPENDER at checkout (not applicable with other promotional codes or offers). Purchase online or find a retailer near you.

This Valentine’s, set the mood with A Scent of Scandal.

Keep up with A Scent of Scandal, if you have the stamina, by liking them on Facebook.


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