Forget Hearts. Give Sour Worms.

Surf Sweets is a company offering organic and natural candy that currently has 8 varieties. In their FAQ section, the company acknowledges that not all their products are vegan/vegetarian. They consider their jelly beans vegetarian; the five vegan products they offer are Fruity Hearts (limited time), Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Sour Berry Bears and Sour Worms. That means 75% of their products are vegetarian. While animal-free gelatin is apparently available and, goodness, do I wish they made vegan gummy bears, that is no percentage to frown about.

Trying to find a less expensive vodka bear, I first grabbed a bag of Surf Sweets Sour Bears, and Sour Worms, last month. Despite opening the bag to fish out one worm, I gobbled the bag up in only a few train stops.

FYI: Just eat them. At about $2 a bag, it would have been nice if they’d worked out. When you soak them, though, they take longer to fully saturate and lose their shape (talking bears to disks) much more than Annie’s.

Since I liked the Sour Worms, not too tart with a nice texture, I couldn’t resist grabbing a bag of their Fruity Hearts. Not the same. There is only a subtle (understatement) Cherry and Watermelon fruit taste.

The hearts are meant for Valentine’s, but give something that’s actually sweet. Slap a little heart on a bag of Sour Worms…just skip the heart worms jokes.


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